Individual evaluation of your PV-RoI (Return on Investment)

What is included in the PV RoI Planner?

  • All factors relevant for evaluating your investment are clearly presented in tables and graphics at a glance
  • A return on your planned investment or the current value of your existing PV system, valued at the general market return expectations
  • A customary cash flow calculation (without taxes and depreciations) incl. simulation of significant investment sensitivities
  • A meaningful comparison of your profit and return data, as well as your cost structure, and an indication of your personal optimization potential
  • Free sample: Report in English as pdf

When do I need the PV RoI Planner?

  • If you want to invest in a photovoltaic system and to assess the RoI of your investment based on the purchase price, cost drivers and income
  • If you're planning to sell your PV system and want to assess the anticipated purchase price based on the normal market return
  • If you want to compare the actual income and return of your PV system with the income and return forecasts
  • If you want to simulate how the planned optimizations of income, cost and financial factors may impact the future cash flow and return.

This is how the Milk the Sun PV RoI Planner works!

  • Use our clearly structured online form to enter the relevant data for the PV RoI Planner
  • In cooperation with experienced partners we prepare your personal Milk the Sun PV RoI Planner within 48 hours
  • After an internal review, we will inform you about the completion of your personal RoI Planner per E-mail
  • Your RoI planner (PDF-file + Excel data sheet) is then ready for use in your personal account

We have convinced you?

  • Order your Milk the Sun RoI Planner in English for 299 € now (ask for package offer)

What clients say about us


Yes! Milk the Sun PV RoI Planner was developed to make various investment opportunities in PV systems easily comparable and to present such investments in a clear and understandable manner.
For this purpose, all evaluation criteria relevant for decision-making are shown transparently and clearly both in graphic and tabular forms. The planner in this form can also be used to present a PV system in terms of yield and returns to investors not specializing in PV sector.
No, Milk the Sun PV RoI Planner shows the cost structure, as well as the yield and returns situation, and can be used as the basis for deciding whether you need to optimize the yield, cost or funding factors.
However, the Planner does not provide any recommendation for action. If you want to have an expert opinion based on the RoI Planner, please contact us!
For your investment several comparative values are shown, in particular regarding your cost structure. For example, you can see how your insurance costs or the purchase price of the PV system compare tothose of the similar PV systems. To enable such a comparison we use historical data of other users. These data are filtered according to location, age, and size of the PV system in order to provide you with the relevant benchmarks for your system.
There are many ways to optimize PV systems in order to influence the costs and yields of the system. The yields can be increased, for example, by means of cleaning, repowering or nanocoating. The costs can be optimized, for instance, through re-financing, changing insurance or adjusing the maintenance contract. The PV RoI Planner can serve as a decision-making tool, as the yield and returns structure are clearly and transparently presented.
Milk the Sun PV RoI planner includes all major factors that can help you to decide for or against investing in a particular PV system.
The planner estimates such factors as, inter alia: current value, total returns and return on equity, dividend, amortization, yields, cash flow (without taxes and depreciations) and sensitivities.
In the PV market investors have clear return expectations, which are used as the standard for determining the current value. It means that the current value can be determined on the basis of the given life cycle and fixed return. This gives you a benchmark that can be used for fair valuation by both buyers and sellers.
To simplify the input and to avoid implausible values, we make some basic assumptions for determining the PV return, such as a generally recogmized inflation rate (depending on the location of the system). Each assumption is clearly marked as such in the Milk the Sun RoI Planner. One of these basic assumptions is the disregard of taxes and depreciation. A pure analysis of earnings before tax is carried out for you.
No. You can purchase the Milk the Sun PV RoI Planner only if you have a free Milk the Sun account. You can then easily download your Planner from your personal free of charge Solarganizer.
The purchase price is a relevant factor for determining the returns of the PV system. When evaluating a system in operation, however, the purchase price may not be included in the analysis of the returns. Here only the future returns are important, and, for instance, an excessively high price already paid for the PV system has no influence on future returns. However, even in this case you need to specify the purchase price, as this is an important variable for many background calculations. For example, the equity ratio is calculated on the basis of this input.