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Lasting values

Since 2012, Milk the Sun has been breathing new life into the renewable energy sector – with the launch of the world’s first open marketplace for all things solar energy. This was our bid to solve the central problem slowing development in PV investments: long and expensive sales processes with various go-betweens and the lack of transparency in project and service pricing.

In the past four years, we have matured into the world’s leading marketplace, offering full-service packages for investors and sellers both.

But that is only the beginning. Because we’re aiming to create lasting values. Namely: true excellence, quality service and an international focus – not just in reaching out to new markets, but in our company culture.

Building bridges

There is nothing that epitomises Milk the Sun’s values better than our team. They form the centre of Milk the Sun, while building bridges between sellers, investors and our service partners.

Our account managers hail from 6 different countries, speak 11 languages and have thus far helped us run projects in 54 countries. They make sure that all projects are completed quickly and efficiently – and that all our customers get outstanding, personable service.

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