Milk the Sun is the world's largest brokerage platform for commercial photovoltaic investments. We have earned this position over 12 years. Our brokerage platform is the central hub for investors and operators of commercial solar plants. We bring capital where it is well invested, for the investor and for the environment. Our transaction volume and completed projects to date prove this.

World leader in brokering PV investments

Our headquarters is located in the heart of the innovation-strong metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The stimulating area at the eastern gate to Nuremberg's old town is defined by the open view of the Wöhrder See. Thus, we look simultaneously at history and the present.

The sunlit architecture of our headquarters offers us communicative and open thinking spaces. We gladly let ourselves be inspired by the energy of the incoming sun. An ideal ambiance to actively shape the future of our energy supply.

Mission and Vision

We have recognized the signs of the times. We simplify and accelerate sustainable investments in solar energy. Thus, we are already making an active contribution to the future project of global energy transition. We will maintain and further expand our market position for this purpose.

Transparency and Openness

As intermediaries, we are aware of our responsibility and support the cooperation of all partners and sellers of PV projects with a smooth process. All processes are secure, clearly defined, and transparent for all parties involved.