Rent out roof space

Free Roof Areas

List your free roof space on the marketplace to find a suitable lessee. Or find the right roof through us.

Lease out land

Free Lands

Offer your land for lease or find a suitable open space for constructing a new solar park through us.

Sell PV project rights

Project Rights

We offer photovoltaic project rights for large roof projects or solar parks, you can buy them from us or sell them through us.

Solar marketplace Milk the Sun

New Construction Projects

Find new construction projects from developers, offered as newly built roof installations or solar parks through us.

Sell PV system

Existing Installations

Find your suitable existing installation, a roof installation or a solar park that has already been constructed and is feeding electricity into the grid.

Photovoltaic dismantling installations

Dismantling Installations

Find or sell a dismantling installation with existing compensation, which can be re-erected on another area.


That's why Milk the Sun



+ 1000
mediated projects
+ 30
different countries
+ 1875
MW implemented performance
+ 1
billion € transaction volume

1.06 MWp roof area,
in Germany

4,7 MWp Turnkey,
open field in France

900 kWp plant,
open field in Spain

97 MWp project rights,
open field in Italy

63 MWp project rights,
open field in Hungary

25 MWp project rights,
open field, Philippines

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