Inspection and impact measurement of your photovoltaic system

What are the results I get from a photovoltaic inspection, measurement or assessment?

  • An independent assessment of the general condition of your PV system - either for your personal records or official documentation for external parties (e.g. buyers, banks, insurancies or public authorities)
  • Identification of the scope and causes of the yield-reducing factors as well as assessment of the necessary measurements and consequences
  • Professional assessment and repairs of the exisiting defects to pro-actively address the problem of yield-reduction
  • Specific assessment until a particular date to fulfil the guarantee or warranty conditions of producers, constructers or suppliers
  • Documented assessment of your PV system according to official standards and norms (e.g. occupational safety and general obligations of the operator)

Which measures are included and which services can you expect?

  • On-site visual inspection of the overall construction as well as single components with respect to the accurate installation and function
  • Assessment of deficiencies and defects according to a standardised checklist using various approaches (e.g. thermography)
  • Various examination and measurement methods to compare the current performance with reference values to determine the optimization potential
  • Specific examination according to norms and legal obligations (e.g. DGUV-examination, VDE-standards), if required
  • Documentation of the measurement and assessment results, incl. explanatory notes and result / damage reports (especially for insurance purposes) with recommendations for action
  • You are about to acquire a PV system and need technical assessment to evaluate the possible risks - technical due diligence is exactly the right service for you

Your exclusive advantages as a Milk the Sun client

  • We have an ubiquitous network of experienced and internationally active experts suitable for the various requirements of PV systems
  • We support and consult in the process of identifying the suitable solution and most qualified partner for a sustainable and profitable investment
  • We guarantee attractive terms and a simple but effective offering and settlement process with our partners

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What clients say about us


The inspection of your PV system offers a simple possibility to timely identify deficiencies and prevent any serious damage on your investment. The recommendations for further action made by Milk the Sun partners are a simple measure to identify and implement opportunities to maximize your yield.
Depending on the seriousness of the detected defect or in case of imminent danger, the issue can be repaired immediately on site (e.g. a lose cable). In case the damage is more complicated, it will be recorded and repaired upon request after an official offer has been made, but only upon consent of the customer.
Our experienced and independent partners can objectively inspect your PV system and suggest the measures to repair damages, based on the deviation analyses of reference systems and damage reports.
The price depends on the size of the PV system and the desired scope of services. Do you want to know where the defect is located? Do you need a performance analysis by means of remote monitoring before your system is inspected on site? Let us help you find the most suitable solution for you.
Inspection is a one-time assessment of the status quo by an independent party in order to identify defects as soon as possible or simply to check the ongoing operation of your PV system. Inspection, as well as the damage report, is not comparable to the technical due dilligence (TDD) and cannot be used as documentation for external parties (i.e. it is not bankable). The TDD is an independent risk analysis of the PV system, it provides additional analyses and comparison of the technical documentation. Do not hesitate to contact us on the issue.