Technical Due Diligence for your photovoltaic project

Technical Due Diligence shows the following risks:

  • Define and assess all relevant risks for the financing bank or for the investors to demonstrate the quality of the project
  • Incorrect system design, false component selection or incomplete documentation endanger the success of a PV project
  • Overly optimistic yield forecasts from PV providers lead to misjudgements while making an investment decision
  • Unfavorable clauses in contracts can pose a financial risk for the investor (e.g. unfeasible project schedules in EPC contracts, disadvantageous O&M contracts, etc.)
  • Incorrect and defective installation despite good and detailed project planning

How are risks for the photovoltaic project identified and evaluated?

  • Examination of the entire technical documentation for integrity and plausibility according to recognised standards by experienced PV experts
  • Evaluation of the yield simulation and benchmarking of the result with valid values from proven forecasting procedures; optional performance analysis of the existing investments
  • Examination and evaluation of all relevant contracts from a technical and economic point of view as well as recommendations on how to secure them
  • On-site inspection by PV experts with technical expertise to uncover all potential risks due to faulty installation and implementation (also for systems in operation)

Your advantages of technical due diligence with Milk the Sun:

  • Cooperation with well-known partners who, by means of the jointly developed standard products, can handle every PV project worldwide with regard to the individual needs of each client
  • Milk the Sun provides absolute transparency regarding the costs of a technical due diligence and the scope of services to be expected
  • Economical method to carry out professional risk assessments even for smaller investments
  • As a Milk the Sun customer you have access to a tested and proven network of renowned partners with many years of photovoltaic experience
  • As a Milk the Sun customer you get exclusive conditions and discounts and independent advice from qualified staff

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What clients say about us


The term "due diligence" describes the careful risk assessment of a particular investment. When purchasing a photovoltaic system, it goes primarily about economic, contractual and technical risks. While the economic risk can be easily assessed by means of a valid yield calculation, evaluation of contractual and technical risks require professional support. Experts take over the inspection and evaluation of the technical and contractual documentation relating to the photovoltaic system. Investors should be able to correctly assess the risks of projects of all sizes, regardless of whether they are new (turnkey) or existing investments.
The term "technical due diligence" does not describe a fixed scope of services. As a result, investors are often overwhelmed by various offers on the market. These do not only differ in scope and quality, but also in price. Therefore, together with experienced and renowned partners, Milk the Sun has developed standards in scope, quality and price. In the simplest version, especially for very small investments, the expert checks the technical documentation of the system. This enables a quick statement on the possible risks of lower yields and failures. Yield forecasts are also reviewed and evaluated. The often extensive contracts can also be examined. Risks and disadvantages for the investor in general contractor contracts, purchase contracts and maintenance contracts are quickly identified. Even the best planning is of no use if the execution is defective. An on-site check by an expert is therefore worthwhile.
Investors often refrain from external due diligence for smaller projects. This hapens not because people investing in small projects do not need security, but rather because due diligence is often too expensive. Taking this into account, Milk the Sun and its partners have developed a standard solution that is cost-efficient also for small projects.
Milk the Sun only works with partners who have many years of experience and outstanding expertise in the field of photovoltaics. The few selected service providers are globally active, proven experts in their sphere.
The prices for technical due diligence on the market vary greatly. Often, non-transparent products cost several thousand euros. The solutions developed by Milk the Sun and its partners are optimised for investors of all plant sizes. Professional evaluation by an expert can be acquired for less than one thousand euros. We offer transparent tests with optional evaluation components for you to choose according to your needs. This allows you to assess and monitor the risk of your PV project without endangering its profitability.
Milk the Sun partners are active worldwide. Without an explicitly requested on-site inspection, there are hardly any price changes based on the plant location. On request, our partners can also offer on-site appointments - those can be mapped worldwide. The documents can be submitted and prepared in German and English. Other languages are possible upon request.