Optimal photovoltaic financing

When do I need PV financing?

  • If you are planning to purchase a solar plant (asset deal) or to acquire a company owning a PV system (share deal)
  • If you want to participate in large PV projects with a low equity capital
  • If you want to increase your returns on equity through leverage effect
  • If you want to replace your existing credit with an advantageous photovoltaic financing in low-interest phases

Choosing the best photovoltaic financing

  • Comparability: often only regional banks offer different conditions
  • Conditions: considerable differences in interest levels, fixed interest rates, duration, collateral securities and required equity capital
  • Requirements: documentation, collaterals, equity ratio and procedural peculiarities present high hurdles for applicants
  • Time and effort: Getting a simple indication on terms and feasibility is often time- and effort-consuming

Your exclusive advantages as a Milk the Sun client

  • Preferential treatment at our partner banks through close cooperation
  • A network of nationwide active partner banks with contacts specializing in photovoltaic
  • Fast, easy and competent by means of our standardized and transparent application process
  • Provision of the necessary documents and assessment reports under favorable conditions from renowned partners
  • The first indication usually within 48h. Key data make the offered photovoltaic financing easily comparable
  • Our qualified staff will advise you on your PV financing possibilities and assist you in every step of the application process

We have convinced you?

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What clients say about us


Project financing is calculated, collateralised and given for a specific project. This means that the photovoltaic system and its yields serve as a collateral and the applicant does not have to provide any further collateral. The terms and conditions are based not on personal creditworthiness, but rather on the expected returns on an investment.
The bank will always require the entry of a principal easement in the land register, provided that the land owner is not a public entity. In case of a foreclosure of the property, this allows the lender to be the first to be served from the market.
The borrower transfers the rights to the feed-in remuneration from the respective energy supply company to the lender so that the lender can continue to manage the loan in the event of the borrower's withdrawal.
When you puchase a photovoltaic system, you can either acquire it as your own property (asset deal) or you can purchase a company (share deal) that owns a photovoltaic system. Depending on the type of the deal, lending institutions will adapt the suitable contractural structure of the loan.
No. Photovoltaic plant serves as a collateral. In this case, the owner must assign the rights to the FiT remuneration and, if necessary, register a principal easement in the land register.
Yes. Equity capital is always required. The required sum varies greatly and always depends on the photovoltaic plant in question.
According to the leverage effect, the return on equity can be increased under certain conditions if part of the investment is financed by debt. To achieve this, the interest rate on borrowed capital must be lower than the return on total investment, which should be the case for photovoltaic systems that can be financed. As a result, in terms of return on equity it is always worth to use as much external capital as possible.
Yes, our partner banks offer fixed interest rates. Those pay off in the current low-interest phase and can be extended or reduced on request.
Depending on the size of the project, lending institutions may request extensive documentation for photovoltaic financing. Not only does Milk the Sun provide you with detailed checklists for your application, but can also assist you in obtaining numerous documents and expert reports with advantageous conditions from renowned providers. Among others, the following documents will be required:
  • Yield report or yield estimation
  • RoI report
  • Land register extract
  • Land map
  • (possibly) structural analysis report
  • (possibly) Technical Due Diligence
  • (possibly) Legal Due Diligence
  • (possibly) historical yield data
Thanks to its extensive experience in photovoltaic financing and its proven cooperation with qualified partners, Milk the Sun has a direct connection to major banks. Experienced contact persons are always available for questions and support in the application process.
No, Milk the Sun services are completely free of charge for you. Your personal offer is also entirely non-binding.