Advantages of legal counsel at a glance

Which areas of expertise are covered by our partners?

  • Review of existing contracts with service providers (e.g. maintenance contract) to determine the possibilities for optimizing conditions
  • Review of compliance with requirements of utilities or system operators out of FIT- or alternative commercial contracts
  • Review and enforcement of insurance or warranty claims for damage against technical operation managers, constructors and components suppliers
  • Advisory and active support in taking specific legal actions against external contract partners
  • Legal insolvency consultation and support in reducing liabilities in accordance with bankruptcy law (e.g. personal management)

You need legal counsel in one of the following cases:

  • Potential contractual issues with external services partners and suppliers
  • Dispute regarding requirements out of production promotion or purchase contracts (e.g. FIT)
  • Uncertainty about whether and which legal action to take in certain situations
  • Potential or imminent judicial dispute
  • Liquidity problems or imminent insolvency

Your exclusive advantages as a Milk the Sun client

  • We have a reliable network of experienced partners with proven long-standing expertise in photovoltaics and all related matters
  • We advise you free of charge on choosing the right partner for your request - also on international level
  • We bring you in direct contact with the right experts: you can choose either to contact our partners yourself or be contacted in your preferred way and time - the first exploratory call is normally free of charge

We have convinced you?

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What clients say about us


No, we bring you in contact with the legal advisors who specialise in photovoltaics. They provide and bill the services.
Our partners have extensive experience in photovoltaics and specialize in various cases. According to your request and a quick and direct exchange with our customer service, we will identify the right expert for you and your issue.
The processing of your request by Milk the Sun is free of charge for you. However, there are no standard or fixed prices for the services provided by our partners. The billing is generally based on the time spent on processing your request according to the fee tariffs. Our partners will make their billing procedures transparent for you before engaging.
Success basically depends on the issue and your current situation. In some cases an in-depth consultation suffices to evaluate a certain situation so that you can take further appropriate steps. in other cases, especially when it comes to complicated transactions or corporate structures, individual assessment would be necessary.