Fast procurement of commercial PV service providers from a single source

Milk the Sun is your independent provider for all services related to commercial PV projects with a size of 50 kWp or more. We will find the right service provider for you, whether for operations or in the context of a transaction.

  • Selected partners only
  • Quick and transparent offers
  • Inquiries are non-binding and free of charge

Find the perfect solution with Milk the Sun in 3 steps


Send non-binding inquiry

  • Select suitable service
  • Fill in the online form under "Order now"
  • Check your input and send


Request a binding offer

  • We will contact you promptly with an indication of the price and feasibility
  • We will address specific requirements together
  • Your completed request is promptly forwarded to selected partners


Receive binding offers and order

  • You receive a binding offer from at least one partner
  • You clarify the final details (e.g. delivery time) of the service directly with the partner
  • You check and order directly with the partner of your choice

Our service portfolio

You can request an offer from the following services

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Inquiries about the services we offer are free and non-binding. You can cancel the process at any time until the order is placed, without incurring any costs.
We will contact you shortly to discuss any questions you may have and to make sure that we have processed your request correctly and completely. As soon as we have all the necessary data, we will contact the appropriate service partners from our network. You will be in cc during the communication, so you will be in direct contact with the partner in case there are any further questions. Finally, the partner will send you an offer by mail, so that you only have to choose the best offer.
We will contact you shortly to discuss any questions you may have and to make sure that we have processed your request correctly and completely. Just take this opportunity to briefly let us know that you are no longer interested in the service.
After we have processed your request, we match you with the appropriate service providers. Important factors here are the size of your PV project, the location of the system, as well as the exact specifications of your request. In this way, we ensure that your request is processed quickly and that you receive as many positive responses as possible. It is up to the partners whether they want to submit an offer for your request or reject the order.
Our goal is to send each request to at least two service partners so that you can choose the best offer for you. However, it is also possible that fewer than two partners match your request - in these cases, we will not contact any additional partners. In any case, the process is always traceable for you because you will be cc'd in the mail as soon as we forward your request to a service partner.
Although we encourage our service partners to respond to requests as quickly as possible, response times may vary. Therefore, if we have sent your request to multiple service partners, it may make sense to wait a few more days before deciding to engage them. However, if the first offer is already suitable for you, you can of course place an order directly with our partner.
In this case, please contact the service provider directly. You can find the contact details in your offer. Often a short phone call or coordinating with each other helps to speed up the process.
You will receive the invoice from the service provider. Milk the Sun, as a marketplace, is a platform where requests are matched with the right partner - so we act as an intermediary. Your commissioning, on the other hand, takes place directly with the service provider.