Advantages of a current photovoltaic insurance

What can be covered with your individually customised photovoltaic insurance?

  • Property and loss of earnings insurance: the basic element of your photovoltaic insurance - comprehensive all-risk insurance including reimbursement of the lost feed-in tariffs
  • Liability insurance (optional): protection against damages caused to third parties, e.g. third-party buildings
  • Installation insurance (optional): coverage of the period of the assembly and trial operation of your new PV system
  • GAP cover (optional): difference compensation in case of premature termination of the financing contract in the event of a total loss
  • Yield guarantee cover (optional): coverage of the prognosticated annual yield of your solar system
  • Cyber-clause (optional): protection against losses and damages because of the loss of data or power transmission (caused by the third party's actions with the intention to harm)

Why should I optimize the insurance of my solar system?

  • As an operator, you need a special photovoltaic insurance with the best possible coverage under the current insurance conditions
  • With an optimized PV insurance, you define the desired scope of services according to your risk profile, therefore tailoring your individual insurance package
  • Insurances are often based on the original value of the investment. Due to the lower current investment costs, calculation on the basis of the output or current replacement value results in significantly lower premiums
  • As most insurances can be terminated annually, switching insurance can mean immediate cost reduction and an increase in profit
  • You want to cover the possible internal damages to the inverters? Choose between appropriate insurance and inverter guarantee!

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What are my advantages as a Milk the Sun client?

  • We guarantee tailor-made solutions and attractive conditions via our network of selected partners specialising in photovoltaics
  • We can provide you with insurance solutions for plants under construction, existing plants as well as entire portfolios - both nationally and internationally
  • We support you in searching for the right partner and guarantee a simple processing

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No. We put you in contact with selected brokers working in the sphere of PV, who are permitted to render and invoice insurance services.
The insured damages and risks can differ from insurance to insurance. A detailed list of the covered damages can always be found in the insurance conditions. Generally, with property insurance (= all-risk insurance) your system is insured against almost all hazards: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, theft, vandalism, animal bite and overvoltage. Some insurances cover also internal operational damages to inverters.
In case your PV system can no longer produce electricity due to insured damages the insuring party will cover this daily loss of earnings up to the amount agreed upon. The daily amount can vary depending on insurance.
Electricty production is a commercial activity which is not covered by private insurance or house- and landowner's liability insurance. In case you already have a liability insurance (e.g. as a farmer) the risk of operating a grid-connected PV system must be included. In case your PV system operates on a roof that does not belong to you, the property owner will request a liability insurance to cover any damages that occur due to the PV system.
Installation insurance is necessary for PV systems that are currently being built or will be built. The insurance can be acquired for a time period from 3 to 9 months, depending on you needs and/or the chosen insurance.
GAP cover is a differential compensation paid out in case a PV system cannot be reinstalled. Shall the leasing-/ financial-/ hire-purchase agreement for an insured object be prematurely terminated as a result of an insured total loss, the insuring party replaces the contractually agreed compensation (material damages) as well as compensates the difference between the claim for equalisation on the day of the damage and the contractually determined compensation (material damages).
In case the annual yield is more than 10% below the yield anticipated in the economic efficiency calculation / yield report, the insurer will compensate the underperformance. The insurance sum is equal to the predicted annual yield of the respective PV system according to its yield report / economic efficiency calculation.
The insurer also compensates a loss of earnings, in case the loss, change or unavailability of the data or programmes occurs because of the activities of a third party with malicious intent (Cyberattack via computer viruses, trojan horses etc.).
The insurance cover begins either with the date chosen by the owner of the plant or with the date when all the required documents are provided. Some PV insurances offer the possibility to insure newly built PV systems retroactively (up to 3 months). The installation insurance begins with the arrival of the first components to the construction site.
The insurance period is always be determined in the terms and conditions of the respective insurance provider. The insurance can run for 1 year starting from the signing of the contract or for an entire calender year (until the 31.12.). Some insurers offer discounts for signing contracts for several years. The insurance can be terminated within the agreed time frame. Usually this period is 3 months.