Anti-Theft Protection

State-of-the art anti-theft protection for your PV system.

  • High quality protection at the highest technical level
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • No more false alarms = no more avoidable costs incurred

PV theft – a common problem


If you own a PV system, you’re probably just all too familiar with the looming threat of theft. That’s because a PV system contains many parts much coveted by those looking to make some money off of your investment. Above all, thieves target inverters and panels – the parts that are most expensive for you to replace. Plus, PV system theft is not exactly a difficult feat for most robbers, as they tend to operate in organised groups and late at night. So if your PV system isn’t well protected against theft, you’ll not just have to replace many expensive parts, but you are likely to run into trouble with your insurance. Add to that the fact that PV thieves are rarely ever caught.


Forget about anti-theft protection fences

Most solar systems are secured by fences equipped with motion detectors and cameras. And that is precisely the problem: most insurances impose certain requirements in terms of fence height and specifications – making for more costs while not providing optimal anti-theft protection for your system. Also, motion detectors are susceptible to false alarms: all it takes is a nocturnal visit from a stray deer to cause an alarm – at considerable follow costs for you.


A much better solution to secure your PV system

Luckily, securing the perimeters of your PV system isn’t the only way of protecting your system against theft. Indeed, there is a much more innovative solution: implementing protection measures right where they’re needed: right at your inverter and panels. This immediate anti-theft protection isn’t just much better at securing your system against theft, but also at protecting you from costs incurred through false alarms.


Better insurance premiums

In case of alarm, local police will be notified immediately. That way, they can act quickly and get to your system before thieves escape with valuable goods. Plus, your components will be equipped with tracking devices, allowing police to find your panels even if they’ve been stolen. The efficiency of this holistic anti-theft protection system for your PV system is such that insurances will likely decrease your premiums – which, in turn, saves you money.

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