Individual safety concepts for your PV system

Why do I need modern anti-theft protection?

  • Inverters and modules are popular stolen goods. Organized bands steal unsecured components within minutes
  • Many insurance companies now require theft protection. As a rule, damage caused by theft is only reimbursed if the equipment is secured
  • Operators complain about loss of yield and expensive repairs due to theft, manipulation and damage
  • Outdated systems often cause false alarms. Every alarm costs money and time because the operator or manager has to get to the bottom of the cause

What security measures can be taken?

  • Camera monitoring: A cost-effective safety measure for both roof and ground-mounted systems
  • Fences and manual safety devices: Insurance companies often require fencing systems or special building materials. We check which requirements exist
  • GPS protection: Modules and inverters can be protected directly by locatable transmitters. In case of emergency, an immediate alarm is triggered
  • Security services: Large systems are supervised day and night by experienced and professional security services

What are the benefits of contracting with Milk the Sun?

  • Advice: Take advantage of our experienced staff who will inform you about various measures and provide you with comprehensive advice
  • Capacity: We can secure your plants worldwide. Entrust the protection of your plants to a partner for consistent quality
  • Transparency: Is the most expensive theft protection really the best? We show you alternatives - you choose!
  • Reliability: Receive our feedback 48h after your request. We are also available to you as your contact partner at any time

We have convinced you?

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Milk the Sun offers a wide range of security measures for photovoltaic systems via its international partner network.
  • - Camera surveillance
  • - Fence systems
  • - Constructional protection
  • - GPS transmitter
  • - Alarm systems
  • - Motion detector
  • - Guard services

We will be happy to arrange contact with one of our experts for you.
Insurance companies for photovoltaic systems have very different requirements for theft protection. The insurance coverage often depends on a basic protection. But an optimisation of tariffs is also conceivable. We cooperate with many leading insurers and coordinate the optimal security concepts with them.
Modules and other components of photovoltaic systems are also often stolen from roofs. Roofs are often difficult to observe, especially at night, so thieves have an easy game. With strategically cleverly applied security measures, excellent protection can be guaranteed at low cost.
In some cases, the operator has to invest several hundred to a thousand euros to secure an entire area with fences and cameras. It can be worthwhile to attach alternative techniques such as motion detectors to strategically selected components so that good protection is provided with little investment.