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Professional price calculator for PV installations

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Professional price calculator for PV installations

With the photovoltaic installation sales price calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the value of your installation at a given date.

The calculator shows the discounted net value at this date, as well as the expected rate of return for the buyer. In order to make the calculator more user friendly, additional sales values yielding buyer return rates from +/- 2% will be provided.

This sales price calculator is intended for owners and sellers of PV installations and has been developed by Milk the Sun GmbH in cooperation with Solarpraxis AG, Berlin.

Please see our blog post for instructions on how to use the PV Sales Price Calculator.

Quick and easy – our Net Worth Calculator


With our Net Worth Calculator it’s easier than ever to determine your PV system’s value at any given point in time. Developed in collaboration with Solarpraxis AG, our Net Worth Calculator allows you to work out what your system is worth in no time at all.


Go into price negotiations well prepared

"Assessing your PV system’s value with our Net Worth Calculator is the basis for your system’s successful sale. This allows you to determine your system’s value at any given point in time on the basis of potential sellers’ expected returns. Our Net Worth Calculator includes a comprehensive set of criteria (e.g. insurance premiums, maintenance and rental costs, etc.), making the result especially precise. Still, it is extremely easy to use, allowing you to assess your PV system’s value in mere minutes.

Once you’ve calculated your PV system’s value, you can offer it up for sale on Milk the Sun’s marketplace.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our Net Worth Calculator.



A detailed check of your sales value

No doubt: our PV Net Worth Calculator has proven itself to be extremely precise in determining a system’s sales price. But if you’d like a professional opinion on a system’s value, we are happy to refer you to experts specializing in legal, financial, and technical due diligence. Such certified assessments make your system even more attractive to potential investors.