Utility Scale Network

Utility Scale network

The closed marketplace for global utility scale investments

UtilityScaleNetwork is the closed online marketplace for large PV assets. Verified investors and sellers are matched on the basis of confidential and targeted investment profiles in order to realise PV investment transactions discretely and efficiently.

UtilityScaleNetwork combines the quality of discretion and a closed online marketplace with the expansive brand reach and transaction efficiency of MilktheSun.com.

UtilityScaleNetwork is primarily a provider for vendors of photovoltaic installations and portfolios, funds, insurance companies, banks, family offices, HNI, utilities and owners of medium-sized PV-installations.

For Vendors – add Project

  • To identify potential investors for the offered PV investment, a detailed description of the investment is required. The investment can be offered as a single project or as a complete portfolio.

For Investors – add Investment Request

  • To receive offers that match the investment strategy, detailed investment profile are required. Through an internal matching process, vendors of suitable projects will be brought to the attention of potential investors.

Benefits as a vendor

  • Direct access to legitimate investors with a verified track record
  • Direct contact through a protected environment
  • Full control by user-defined approval of data

Benefits as an investor

  • Direct access to verified and available PV investments worldwide
  • Comparison of investment profile vs. possible investment
  • Full control by user-defined approval of data

In case you require further information about the UtilityScaleNetwork, please contact:

  • Philipp von Seherr-Thoss
  • COO Milk the Sun GmbH
  • Head of UtilityScaleNetwork
  • Tel.: +49 30 46999 0330
  • Fax.: +49 30 46999 0331
  • Mail:


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