The Solarganizer’s benefits at a glance

Safe and easy management

  • central and secure online archive for your documents, contracts and receipts
  • all documents well-organised at a moment’s glance
  • easy access - from your computer at home or your mobile phone
  • effortless upload via drag and drop
  • tagging and organisation according to a professional data structure

Never miss a date again

  • all important appointments for your PV system at a glance
  • assign dates to individual documents and set a reminder
  • reminders will alert you to important maintenance, warranty periods or deadlines

Optimize your contracts

  • independent assessment of your existing contracts
  • find out where you can potentially save money
  • profit from better offers for your PV project from Milk the Sun’s professional network of partners
  • benefit from special conditions for our clients

And this is how the Solarganizer works...

Privacy and data security

Your privacy and data security is close to our heart.
That’s why we rely on safe SSL-encryptionstrong> for the transfer of your information and host them only with professional hosting providers in Germany.


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Features of the Solarganizer


SSL-encryption for safe transfer and data hosting in Germany

Organize documents

Easy upload via drag & drop with professional tagging of contracts, documents and receipts


Free access to Milk the Sun’s online marketplace for providing your data space to interested investors

Data space for individual PV systems

Each PV system has its own specific data space (Solarganizer) for individual management

Organize receipts

Professional organisation of tax documents already neatly filed for your accountant

Everything at a glance

View all documents at a glance in the well-structured index and find all upcoming dates in “my reminders”

Individual files

Create individual files

Contract analysis

On demand, the Solarganizer will analyse your contracts and insurances for any money saving potential.

Organise your contracts and documents most efficiently with the Solarganizer powered by Milk the Sun

Running a PV system has many advantages. You potentially save a lot of money when self-consuming your solar power – plus, you can even earn money by selling the green energy you generate. However, owning a solar plant involves quite a bit of bureaucracy, too.

Over time you will accumulate a large amount of documents: from construction and leasing papers, to maintenance, insurance, financing, optimisation contracts, additional warranties, yield reports, bills, bookkeeping and tax documents. With all this paper work, it may easily happen that you forget maintenance and cancellation periods. Or you end up overpaying for existing contracts or even lose important receipts.

What you should not forget is that as a PV system owner you automatically become an entrepreneur. This means you are obliged to preserve all records regarding your solar plant and organise a thorough bookkeeping of your PV documents.

The Solarganizer powered by Milk the Sun provides the best solution for PV system owners. It is a digital organiser that allows you to manage and organise all contracts and documents according to a standardised pattern – completely free of charge. It also professionally evaluates your existing contracts. Its automatic reminders alert you in advance of an important date such as cancellation periods, warranty and insurance periods as well as remind you of deadlines for tax and bookkeeping issues.

Your documents will be permanently and safely stored via SSL-encryption on German servers.

What clients say about us…


Yes, you can register and use the Solarganizer completely free of charge up to a storage capacity of 250 MB.
It is very easy to upload your documents and contracts via the simple drag & drop of your PDF-files into the Solarganizer.
You can assign the date of, for example a warranty or maintenance service, to a specific document. The Solarganizer will then remind you in time of that appointment.
Yes, your ducuments will be SSL encrypted when you transfer them. They are then saved on secure servers of a large German hosting provider and will only be accessible by you.