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Our PV returns calculator for your profitability calculations


Whether you are considering purchase of a PV system or simply trying to keep track of expected returns on an existing system: a system’s profitability is of central importance to any investment. That’s where our returns calculator comes in. But not just does it help you make the right decision or to plan wisely. It also shows you how long it takes before your investment pays off. However, calculating ROI on a PV system can be quite complex, involving many steps and variables such as sales price, average annual irradiation and expected inflation rates. Add to that the fact that investment in a PV system tends to be a long-term endeavour with time frames of 20 to 30 years. This means that ROI calculations for your PV system need to take into account future maintenance costs, interest rates and energy prices.


Calculating your return has never been easier

The PV returns calculator developed by Mayer Analytics is a true gamechanger, allowing you to determine your projected ROI in mere minutes. Thanks to this comprehensive and free online tool, you’ll be able to figure out your returns in just a few easy steps.


At-a-glance results and analysis

No more getting lost in endless spreadsheets. Our returns calculator provides visualisation of all results, allowing you to tell at-a-glance how your returns will likely develop. The first page lists all key results regarding your PV project’s ROI. Other tabs feature scenario analyses of other factors, e.g. inflation, component prices, and irradiation. Also, you will be able to download the results of your profitability calculations in different formats – allowing you to integrate your projected returns into your next presentation or loan application without hassle.


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