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„Photovoltaic marketplace Milk the Sun releases new website“, 26.11.2015

„Photovoltaic marketplace Milk the Sun releases new website“, 26.11.2015

"Solar Returns Declining as Investor Interest Seen Rising", 12.06.2014

"Milk the Sun to present new online sales tool for the efficiant trading of solar projects at Intersolar Europe" 13.05.2013

"New online sales tool for the efficiant trading of solar projects to be showcased at Intersolar" 13.05.2014

"New online sales tool for the efficiant trading of solar projects to be showcased at Intersolar" 13.05.2014

"New online sales tool for the efficiant trading of solar projects to be showcased at Intersolar" 13.05.2014

"New online sales tool for the efficiant trading of solar projects to be showcased at Intersolar" 13.05.2014

"Germany"s Milk the Sun raised an undisclosed amount from Howaldt Energies Verwaltungs and Gruenderfonds Muensterland. The firm sells solar plants online and has brokered about $82 million of deals, according to a release." 31.01.2014 

pv magazine
"Milk the Sun, a leading open online marketplace for trading PV systems, has attracted funding from Gründerfonds Münsterland and Howaldt Energies." 29.01.2014 

Bloomberg Businessweek
"Milk the Sun Gets Venture Capital Funding to Expand Solar Sales" 28.01.2014 

Solar International
"Milk The Sun Gains New Investors" 28.01.2014 

"Gründerfonds Münsterland invests in solar marketplace Milk the Sun" 28.01.2014 

Private Equity
"Online Retailer Milk the Sun Receives Funding for Global Expansion" 28.01.2014 

The Quartz Corp
"Historically, the main issue for solar developers has been obtaining the necessary investment and equity in order to proceed with a project or avoid insolvency, but as the PV industry  has became more developed there has arisen a stronger division of labor during the implementation of PV projects." 16.01.2014 

Energy & Enviroment today (print)
"Companies like Berlin-based Milk the Sun are trying to place themselves in this niche by harnessing this secondary market." S.15, Winter/2014 

Solar Business focus (print)
"For those not versed in finance speak, liquidity is the ability of an asset to be sold without it affecting the assett"s price." S.48f, 10/2013 

"Milk the Sun ha lanzado la versión en español de su servicio online de mercado FV internacional para responder a las exigencias de sus clientes comprometidos en una región, América Latina." 06.09.2013 

"Germany-based Milk the Sun has launched a Spanish-language version of its online marketplace for PV systems, project rights and sites available for development to take advantage of the growing Latin American market. " 05.09.2013 

"Milk the Sun unveils Spanish-language online portal." 04.09.2013 

Solar Novus Today
"Milk the Sun, announced that it has successfully initiated negotiations for project rights of large-scale photovoltaic projects in Japan." 09.07.2013
ソーラー大国ドイツ発!太陽光発電システム専門のマーケットプレイス「Milk The Sun」. 25.04.2013

The 9 billion
"Milk The Sun: A New Online Marketplace For Investing In Solar Projects" 03.04.2013

"Nuovo calcolatore online che determina il valore netto di vendita per impianti fotovoltaici" 02.04.2013

Energy and capital
"It seems that despite European economic woes and its continued recession, a silver lining just may be found in Germany’s solar industry" 02.04.2013

"Millions of solar PV installations are in place across Europe, but up until recently, there was no direct way to buy or sell interest in them, other than through purchasing shares in the companies" 02.04.2013

"Germany’s solar industry is set to benefit from the financial crisis in Cyprus as investors seek a haven in the guaranteed returns provided by clean-energy plants" 29.03.2013

"賽普勒斯危機延燒歐洲,歐洲投資人被打的落花流水" 31.03.2013

"De Duitse zonne-energiesector profiteert van de onzekerheid die ontstaat door de financiële crisis in Cyprus" 29.03.2013

Sustainable Business
The financial crisis in Cyprus is benefiting Germany"s solar industry as investors look for a safe haven for their money. 29.03.2013

"De economische crisis in Cyprus krijgt een zonnig staartje in Duitsland. Spaarders ontvluchten banken en steken hun geld nu in zonne-energie" 29.03.2013

„Milk the Sun präsentiert sich auf der CeBIT vom 05.-09.03.2013 in Hannover am Gemeinschaftsstand D30 in Halle 16.“ 10.02.2013
“Ένας διαδικτυακός υπολογιστής που εκτιμά τις τιμές πώλησης των φωτοβολταϊκών συστημάτων και στοχεύει στους επενδυτές εκείνους που θέλουν να τα πουλήσουν διατίθεται πλέον στην αγορά.“ 30.01.13
“For the first time an online calculator determining current sales values is available, targeting owners looking to sell their photovoltaic installations. Berlin-based companies Milk the Sun and Solarpraxis have developed the calculator jointly.” 29.01.13
„Erstmals ermittelt ein frei zugänglicher Online-Rechner den aktuellen Verkaufswert, den der Besitzer einer Photovoltaikanlage bei der Veräußerung erzielen kann.“, 29.01.13
“Berlin-based companies Solarpraxis AG and Milk the Sun have developed an online calculator for determining the current sales value of existing PV installations.” 29.01.13

„Der Online-Marktplatz Milk the Sun (Berlin) und das Unternehmen PhotovoltaikZentrum – Michael Ziegler (Triefenstein) starten eine gemeinsame Internetbefragung zur Wartung, Instandhaltung, Pflege und zum Betrieb von Photovoltaik-Anlagen (O&M).“, 18.12.12

pv magazine
“Despite the on-going euro crisis and diminishing feed-in tariffs, investments in solar energy are booming, particularly in the secondary, or installed photovoltaic market. Milk the Sun’s CEO, Felix Krause, discusses.” 16.11.12
“Bei den Ehrungen zu den International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice 2012 in Europe im House of Commons im Westminster-Palast, London, ist Milk the Sun mit einem Green Apple Award ausgezeichnet worden.“, 13.11.12

The Europas
“There are currently 1,8 million photovoltaic (PV) installations across Europe and the volume traded of operational installations (secondary market) is assumed to be more than €1,5 billion annually. Yet before Milk the Sun came into play, there was no appropriate marketplace available in Europe.” 10.11.12

Sun Wind & Energy
“From today on interested owners can directly receive detailed offers of ENcome"s vendor- and constructor-independent services through Milk the Sun. In return, the marketplace supports ENcome"s customers to find new solar projects all over Europe.” 26.10.12
Über die Teilnahme von Milk the Sun an der PVSec: „Milk the Sun gab unter anderem bekannt, dass der Online-Marktplatz für Photovoltaik jetzt sein Angebot über die Grenzen Europas hinaus erweitert hat.“ 05.10.12
“Milk the Sun – powering up Europe’s solar scene”, 18.09.12

Süddeutsche Zeitung
"Was wir jetzt beobachten können, ist eine natürliche Konsolidierung, die dem Markt sicherlich guttun wird", bewertet Philipp Seherr-Thoss, Gründer der Firma Milk The Sun, die sich als Online-Marktplatz für Solar-Projekte versteht. 23.07.12

pv magazine
Despite the on-going euro crisis and diminishing feed-in tariffs, investments in solar energy are booming, particularly in the secondary, or installed photovoltaic market. Milk the Sun’s CEO, Felix Krause, discusses,19.11.2012

German article about the survey"s findings, 21.09.2012
German article about the survey"s findings, 21.09.2012

Solar Novus Today
Non-EU Countries Show Biggest PV Potential, Survey Finds: "Forty-one percent of respondents say countries outside of the European Union show the biggest potential for PV, according to a survey by CleanThinking and Milk the Sun...", 20.09.2012

Milk the Sun – powering up Europe’s solar scene, 18.09.2012
Milk the Sun and start a new online survey, 06.09.2012

SolarContact Blog
PV projects: German article introducing Milk the Sun, 28.08.2012
Ten questions by Grü to the developers of Milk the Sun, 17.08.2012
Interview with CEO Felix Krause, 16.08.2012

The Malta Business Weekly
Elevator Pitch winner introduced to Malta’s financial services industry: "Milk the Sun GmbH’s chief executive officer Felix Krause was in Malta for meetings with companies operating within the financial services industry, including banks, practitioners and consultancies, with whom he discussed possible business cooperations...", 02.08.2012

Solar Server
New survey concerning PV insurances, 24.07.2012

Green Mag
Interview with CEO Philipp Seherr-Thoss, 23.07.2012
Web tip by, 20.06.2012
Interview with CEO Felix Krause,19.06.2012
Introducing Milk the Sun, 13.06.2012
Introducing Milk the Sun, 21.05.2012

Introducing Milk the Sun, 21.05.2012
Interview with CEO Felix Krause, 09.05.2012

Introducing Milk the Sun, 25.04.2012
Introducing Milk the Sun, 29.03.2012

Eco 12 Award, 22.03.2012

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